Forms of membership

(a) a regular member
Individual member (natural person), annual membership fee: 20.000.-Ft
Institutional member (business organization), annual membership fee: 95.000.-Ft
Patron institutional member, annual membership fee:  290,000 -Ft
Diamond patron institutional member, annual membership fee:  490,000 -Ft

(b) a supporting member
Supporting members of the Chamber may be legal or natural persons who accept the objectives, the Charter and other by-laws of the Chamber and pay the annual membership fee. Applicants must apply for admission to the Chamber in writing to the Bureau. The sponsoring member shall participate in the activities of the Chamber only with financial contribution. The sponsoring member is only required to make this contribution. The sponsoring member's financial contribution is 50% of the annual membership fee for regular members.

(c) an honorary member
Honorary members can be selected from the Hungarian and foreign personalities who, based on their professional activities so far can promote the activities and goals of the Chamber. Honorary members are elected by the Bureau of the Chamber. Honorary Members receive membership services free of charge and may participate in the General Assembly and other events of the Chamber with the right of consultation.